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2017-10-22 05:19:02 by EmirHero4

Hi guys,if you play Clash Royale,you can find e in the clan BIH RAJA.I am ranked 2nd-3rd.

This is my countryball joke

2017-02-08 07:05:16 by EmirHero4



2017-02-06 11:35:23 by EmirHero4

Did you Know That:


Indonesia,Malaysia AND Brunei are Muslim?


There are around 98 thousand Bosniaks in The USA?


The USA Is the only country Hiding bombs in these following countries:


Germany,Netherlands,Belgium,Italy And Turkey?


The Most hated topic on the app"HATER" is Donald Trump?


I'm Done.



2016-11-13 04:12:06 by EmirHero4

5864900_147902830092_YEPAGAIN.jpgA screenshot that i took

I found a site call'd"Apunkagames"Search aoe2 and people get full aoe 2 aok 



Holy Knight

2016-10-30 06:22:03 by EmirHero4

Tom Fulp Is the holy knight of Newgrounds

5864900_147776599861_Rock.jpg I found this Rock :3

5864900_147776604262_GSGF.jpg And a Rock With Eyes O_o

Fuck,First nightmare

2016-10-26 04:36:20 by EmirHero4





My Nightmare:

I played Minecraft then i saw a player then he ran at me and the game crashed and some weirdos came on my screen and i got a blue screen of freaking death.


So no-one can get this nightmare but i can

For god

2016-10-25 14:49:12 by EmirHero4

Joy is Good And God is great


No one wants to kill Zeus


No one can kill Jesus


No one can talk shit about God

So...I've ben thinking,I should make a game called"Sonic.EXE Killer"You are A Random Guy From Real Life and You Find Blood,That was Sonic.EXE!But Sonic.EXE has made clones to make it harder to reach him!Who hates Sonic.EXE Will make the game! And You can upgrade  guns,buy armor,get awards,test your skills in Minigames!And you need to get the real Sonic Characters as your Goal through 11 worlds!You can get the Musket and Daggers with secret codes!Saving Your State Will Be enabled!The name of your Guy Will be random!But there is Customization When you get your character reaches level 4!Leveling Up "IS" when you beat any level,But you level up only if you:

-Kill all the clones in that level

-Get all the fan made characters

-Get All pokemon(Yes,this has Pokemon)

-And Capture the Flags(Lol,War)